The Chris Haley Coloring Book

I'm Chris Haley. I draw things for you to color! Print 'em out and use your crayons or download them and color 'em up fancy on the computer if that's your thing.

Bozu, The Ninja Clown!

Circus clown by day, 15th century ninja from feudal Japan by night, Bozu is a master of silent entertainment. Armed with his balloon katana and a cream pie, this Ninja Clown is sure to have even the grumpiest Circus audience members in stitches!

You may remember this little dude from the Toy Story short that played before The Muppets!

You can print this out (full-sizes here) and color it with crayons or on the computer all fancy like if that’s your thing.

Either way is totally fine with me, just be sure to let me know how it turns out by giving me a shout on Twitter or dropping it in the Submissions Box!

As always, sharing is caring, so if you like this or think other people you know might like to color it, reblog it or print it out and give it to them.


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