The Chris Haley Coloring Book

I'm Chris Haley. I draw things for you to color! Print 'em out and use your crayons or download them and color 'em up fancy on the computer if that's your thing.

Here I have drawn SHAZAM & Billy Batson for you to color!

This dude is cool, because he is another one of those characters that is like two for one, where you get this little kid who has a really sad backstory and his life is mostly awful, but he still manages to be a good little dude, and then one day he gets a magic word that turns him into a superhero! This is basically the best thing that could happen to anyone, but it is especially nice that it happened to him.

You can print this out and color it with crayons or on the computer all fancy like if that’s your thing. (Click here for the big sized version!)

Either way is totally fine with me, just be sure to let me know how it turns out by giving me a shout on Twitter or dropping it in the Submissions Box!

As always, sharing is caring, so if you like this or think other people you know might like to color it, reblog it or print it out and give it to them.


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